Marc and Lisa’s wedding was the excuse we needed to make a trip out to California. We decided long ago not to review the food at weddings, but we can say that the scenery surrounding this wedding was unbelievable, and I want to come back to this area again for sure! First, we arrived in Big Sur on Wednesday evening, at Nepenthe, for the rehearsal dinner. We saw woodpeckers and hawks flying by and watched the sunset.


From there, we drove to Carmel (a.k.a. Carmel-by-the-Sea), to Cypress Inn, where we were staying. We love this ultra dog-friendly little place and hope to bring Ice (our Jack Russell) one day. There is sherry, apples, and nuts waiting in your room (all complimentary). Tea and bottles of water are available for free any time. Free wi-fi and free breakfast, and it’s in the center of this beautifully floral beach town, full of shops and friendly people.

Marc and Lisa’s wedding was held at Highlands Inn, overlooking the mountainous coastline, outdoors with fresh air and a gentle breeze. It was hard to leave the perfect weather and breathtaking views. I could have sat there for days.

Unfortunately, we only had one dinner in the area and we chose Flying Fish Grill Mission Street and Seventh Avenue, Carmel, CA 93923, seemingly the most recommended seafood restaurant in Carmel. We saw great reviews on-line, our hotel recommended it, and store owners in town gave us the thumbs up. It was terrible! The bottom line being that the fish just wasn’t fresh. The one good dish was a simple artichoke appetizer with two dipping sauces, but that is the only thing I could possibly give a pass on.  The place feels very closed and it’s weirdly lit so that everything and everyone looks yellow inside. You couldn’t pay me to eat there again.


On Thursday morning, we had brunch with the newlyweds and family and friends (at Highland’s Inn), before heading to the aquarium at Monterey Bay. They have an otter exhibit, so freakin’ cute, like puppies in the water. They had the funkiest sea horses, some that look like seaweed (pictured below), and varying sizes of jellyfish, and great touch tanks.


Eventually, time was up and we had to head to Los Gatos (coming soon), but I can’t wait to go back to Big Sur, Carmel, and Monterey. The artistry on display in many stores around Carmel is breathtaking; and more importantly, we really didn’t have enough time to try the  restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and bakeries.

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