Have you noticed all the new features on FoodMayhem? Woohoo! I’m so excited and have to thank everyone for their requests, suggestions, and comments. Keep them coming!

FoodMayhem Fan Pics
~located midway down right side bar

I can’t even explain how happy it makes me when you try my recipes. So now, I’m going to post pictures from any fans who make our recipes. I can link to a specific post or your blog, or nothing at all, whatever you prefer. So next time you make a FoodMayhem recipe, don’t forget to take a picture!!

~located about 1/3 way down right side bar and on it’s own page

When my brother first moved out of my parents house, he would call me and ask, “Je (big sis in Chinese), what should I eat?” Some people just don’t like deciding what to eat. They are not picky and would rather someone else make the decision. Come on, you know you know someone like that. So every day, we’ll have a different lunch suggestion for you. If you want to see past suggestions, just click where it say “‘archive for lunch”. Pass this on to all the indecisive eaters!  It also works well on cell phones and other mobile devices.

Clearer Categories
~located about 2/3 of the way down right side bar

I just spent days, literally days, seperating the recipes and restaurant reviews into more specific categories. I’m hoping that this will help make searching easier for you. Go take a look!

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