Our last stop on this Maryland/DC trip was a late lunch at Timbuktu 1726 Dorsey Road, Hanover, Maryland 21076. The huge restaurant is oddly very closed, without windows, but I guess there isn’t anything to see outside. (I’m not used to how spread out stuff is out here.)

We started with some appetizers, like super fresh cherrystones on the half-shell and a huge plate of tender fried calamari. The marinara was too sweet, a peeve of mine when red sauce has sugar in it.

Cherrystones on the Half Shell Fried Calamari

The Clams Casino was really good, full of peppers and onions, and a whole segment of bacon right on top.

Clams Casino

The entrees all come with salads and a side, choices of dressings, and a variety of potato dishes or apple sauce. None of this is interesting at all, but nice to make it a full meal. I recommend trying not to eat much of this so you can save room for the good stuff.

Ceasar Salad Apple Sauce
French Fries Side Salad

The good stuff refers to crab, the crab cakes or the crab stuffed something (tons of options).  My dad got the Imperial Crab Bake. It’s tons of lump crab meat baked with some hollandaise sauce.

Imperial Crab Bake

I got Crab Stuffed Soft Shell Crabs, which is just an enormous amount of crab again, big chunks too.

Stuffed Soft Shell Crabs

My uncle got Crab Stuffed Mushrooms, same story, and you can get plain ole’ crab cakes as well. Other family members got variations of these, sometimes with other pieces of fried seafood, but you get the point. The flavors are nothing inventive but they use very fresh lump crab meat and it’s cooked perfectly. The portion is insane at these prices, and everyone leaves with doggy bags.

Stuffed Mushrooms Crabcakes

My mom ordered the Seafood Diablo, a mildly spicy fettuccine pasta with tons of seafood. Again, the red sauce is sweetened which I don’t like but the seafood is fresh. A few pieces of scallop in this dish and on Lon’s were tough (over-cooked) which goes back to the main point here which is just stick to crab.

Seafood Diablo

The service is very good and it seems like the perfect place for large groups, although Maryland probably has a good share of that compared to NY.

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