Mrs. McGaringle's Mustards

We tasted Mrs. McGarrigles Mustards at The Fancy Food Show, where they caught my eye with a wide array of whole grain mustards. (Whole grain mustards is one of my pantry must-haves!) Recently, they sent me a box to do a thorough sampling of, which unfortunately did not include the Hot Whiskey flavor, the one I remember liking at the show.

For this tasting, we had five flavors. The Canadian Maple is a good standard whole grain mustard with a touch of sweetness. I appreciate the restraint on sweetness but that resulted in not being able to taste Maple. I’d still use this as just a good mustard though.

Canadian Maple

The Chipotle Lime got mixed reviews, being Lon’s favorite, while my friend Angie did not like it at all. My feeling is that it’s extremely strong to eat by itself but that paired with the right things or spread in the right sandwich, it would probably be a great addition. (You’ll likely hear about it if we find a good use for it.)

Chipotle Lime

The Red Wine & Garlic was forgettable amongst the rest, just another mustard.

Red Wine & Garlic

The Honey Tarragon was a favorite, a little sweeter than the Canadian Maple. The mild touch of tarragon creates a surprising depth. What sounded so regular became so complex. The Balsamic & Cracked Pepper was the exact opposite. It was the flavor I would have guessed to like the most but Angie and I found a very weird flavor in it, a too hard to describe chemical after-taste.

Balsamic & Cracked Pepper and Honey Tarragon

Despite liking some flavors and not others, I like the basis of their mustards. They are strongly mustard with a great whole grain texture. Besides, you don’t have to love them all to love some.

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