You don’t have to be experienced around the kitchen to make a great meal for friends. Let’s take the classic BLT for example. It’s so easy, a sandwich of bacon, lettuce, and tomato. It can be made in a dorm room with just a microwave or hot plate even. It doesn’t get much easier than that, but tweaking a few minor details can make it a gourmet meal.


By using good quality, fresh ingredients, for each component, you can give this sandwich extra flavor. For the bacon, I used Niman Ranch Uncured Pepper Bacon. For tomatoes, I used Brandywine tomatoes, juicy and pink. The freshest lettuce will give you that added crispness.

BLT ingredients 2

For carb-lovers like me, the bread component is at least 80% of the deal. I used Onion Bread, sometimes called Onion Pockets. They are soft but sturdy which means they are easy to bite through but also hold the sandwich together. The onion adds even more flavor.

onion bread

Little Details

1. Mayonnaise is commonly used in BLT’s because it prevents the tomato from making the bread soggy. Adding a few fresh basil leaves (or another favorite herb) can make your sandwich a bit more summery.

mayo and basil

2. You may have noticed that I shredded the lettuce. I like it that way because I hate when you bite into a sandwich and pull out a giant piece of lettuce.

tomato and lettuce

3. People eat with their eyes first. Present it nicely. It’s not much work to stick an olive on top.


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