coffee and creamer

Thanks for meeting me at Gottino 52 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10011. Sit down and have a cup of coffee ($3) with me. The coffee here is great by the way. Would you like a pastry? Do you have time for a meal? Really? OK! There’s so much I want you to try so if you need to save room, just try the whole wheat scone ($3), tall and sturdy, textbook perfection.

scones and croissants

Actually, you have to have a piece of the Pane Dolci ($4). The cranberry bread is toasted and soaked in just the right amount of creamy butter. Don’t eat too much though, there’s so much more.

pane dolci

They’re quite known for their Pesto di Noci ($6), a walnut pesto. I’m not sure what they have done to these walnuts to make them so moist.

Pesto di Noci

Normally, I don’t order scrambled eggs at restaurants. I figure it’s easily made at home, but I will probably come back time and time again for Gottino’s scrambled eggs ($9). They are the most perfect, melt on your tongue, creamy and tasty eggs ever. It says Steamed Scrambled Eggs on the menu. Do you think if I beg Jody Williams, she will teach me how she does this? Did you like the prosciutto better or the lox? I liked the prosciutto.

Steamed Scrambled Eggs with prosciutto

Lon preferred the lox.

Steamed Scrambled Eggs with Lox

They have a huge list of salumi and cheeses (also available at dinner). You can choose in 3, 5, or 7. Shall we go for five ($29)? We don’t have to finish it all.

The thinly sliced Porchetta is very nice.


The Calabrese too.


Hmm, I’m not such a big fan of the Oxtail Marmalade. I think I prefer this rich fatty meat in hot preparations.

oxtail marmalade

I think that was the pork terrine. Make sure to get some raisins with it. It’s a nice combo.

pork terrine wrapped in pancetta

Oh my, I think this creamy gorgonzola is my favorite. The touch of honey takes it to another level. I could eat a tub of this like ice cream.


Isn’t this place adorable? You feel like you’re in the country, but the food is surprisingly sophisticated, yet it’s still so casual, you can roll out of bed on a Sunday, throw on shorts and a T-shirt, and waltz in. It’s my dream bed-and-breakfast, without the bed, haha. Lon feels like the space is a bit tight for guys so he likes the food but calls it, the girl place.

jars of mustard

I know your stuffed but they have some specials. We should just try it…

Wow, I almost forget this is a fritatta ($9). The sweet concentrated tomato and aromatic pine nuts make me think this was a pasta sauce last night. I don’t mind at all though, it’s delicious!

Special Fritatta 2

I guess we could have passed on the tonnato pork ($9). The suckling pig doesn’t stand up to the wonderful herbally sauce. It’s a bit too heavy for brunch too.

Special -suckling pig

Let’s pack up the left-overs. I’m not wasting one drop of this stuff. I had a great dinner here a couple of months back too, but I think I’m even more in love with the brunch. I’m a little baffled too, how such simple stuff can be so good here. I mean, it’s the whole package of every little detail, the fruity olive oil, the crusty toasts. The service is always great here too. I cant believe there’s no wait at noon. Shh….don’t tell anyone about this place.

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