Tim is from Vancouver and proud of his salmon, boasting all the time about how our Atlantic Salmon just can’t match up to his Pacific Salmon. So when he went home for a friend’s wedding, he lugged back some salmon in order to provide evidence of his claims.

There was two whole headless Sockeye.

Whole Wild Sockeye Salmon

The first night, we just grilled one whole, stuffed with lemon and parsley. They are kind of hard to grill whole. You must be very careful when flipping (oiling the grill and outside of the salmon will help). Also, these fish cook very quickly, roughly just 3 to 5 minutes on each side (depends on size).

Grilled Whole Salmon 2

The first thing that is very apparent is the color difference. These salmon make carrots look pale! I know you’re dying for my picky persons verdict… ok, I have to admit that these salmon are far superior to the ones we get here. I’m actually not a big fan of cooked salmon, preferring sushi, sashimi, cured, or smoked. The cooking process seems to muddle the subtle sweetness and full flavor of salmon that stands out when raw. But here, this Wild Sockeye was sweet and full of flavor, despite being a lot less fatty too. Amazing!

Grilled Whole Salmon

Tim also brought us two packs of smoked salmon.

Smoked Pacific salmon 2 Smoked Wild Sockeye

The one on the left is actually Atlantic salmon that somehow got over to the Pacific. The one on the right from West Coast Select is wild caught Sockeye Salmon.. Again, notice the color difference. The lighter one on the left was lighter in flavor with a slightly spongy texture. I wasn’t a fan because it seemed a little watery. The darker one on the right was delicious, concentrated salmon goodness with that elastic but tender texture.

Smoked Pacific salmon Smoked Wild Sockeye

The next night (last night), I went out to enjoy Philharmonic in the Park. Lon and Tim had the other whole Sockeye to play with and play they did! They cut up the salmon, grilled some parts with dill, wrapped some in bacon, and fried up skins and bones too.

Salmon 3 Ways 2

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