Ahh, the sudden turn of summer weather, finally! I’ve been dying to go on some long walks with Lon and our Jack Russell. Sunday afternoon was perfect. I even got to wear my new sunglasses.

We headed South and eventually I got hot and started craving Iced Coffee.  The “Coffee N’ Crepes” sign got my attention but apparently Tripie (at 8th Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues that day) doesn’t sell coffee. Too late, despite having eaten enough sweets that day, Lon was ready to order a crepe.

Coffee N' Crepes Cart

Crepes start at $2.50 and each topping is 75 cents. They have a couple of house combos for $4.99 and anything $4.99 or above, comes with a free beverage (lemonade, soda, or water). Not a bad deal huh?

crepe sign

Each crepe is made to order. We chose banana and peanut butter.

making crepe PB abd Banana Crepe

Not bad. It was nice and tender, had some elasticity (although could use more), and the crepes are generously filled. For $4, we’ll likely stop by again.

PB abd Banana Crepe 2

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