I’ve walked by The Donut Pub 203 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011 so many times. I’ve noticed it every time because you can’t miss that big sign, especially when it’s lit at night. I’m not sure why I’ve never tried a doughnut from them, but when I needed to find a good picnic dessert last minute, this popped into my head.

The Donut Pub

They have a nice variety of doughnuts so I grabbed a dozen for $12.99 and the guy threw in some extra doughnut holes.

dozen donuts

Then I spotted some of their fancy doughnuts, one with a cherry pie filling, one was a marble cake doughnut with blackberry jam, two were crumb crullers with blueberry or apple filling. These are $2 each.

Cherry Pie Filling Marble with Blackberry Jam

Generally, the doughnuts are fresh, but I find them too sugary and very average in flavor. Lon likes them because he calls it, “down and dirty doughnuts”, the kind he imagines that cops eat. I also noticed that the fancy doughnuts aren’t as good as the regular while more expensive so they should leave the fancy pants stuff to Doughnut Plant, the heaven of glorified doughnuts.

In related doughnut news, Tim Hortons (huge Canadian doughnuts and coffee chain) is taking New York by storm, taking over 13 Dunkin Donuts locations. We’ll be sure to compare those doughnuts soon, but it won’t be hard to beat Dunkin Donuts, which has been declining steadily in the last 5 to 7 years.

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