After our lackluster dinner at The Stanton Social, we crossed town to Sweet Revenge 62 Carmine Street, New York, NY 10014, an interesting little spot, part beer and wine bar, part cupcake cafe. I loved the vibe, an adult cupcake bar, where the cupcakes are suitably more sophisticated, both in appearance and taste.

I am happily impressed with their namesake, Sweet Revenge, a peanut butter cupcake with ganache filling and peanut butter buttercream. It’s a decadent dessert but has a lightness in the frosting that makes it feel less heavy.

Sweet Revenge - PB cupcake

I am equally crazy about Dirty, a Valrhona chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate truffle. The tight crumb of the moist cupcake is perfect with the smooth truffle, also with that deceiving lightness. These two amazing cupcakes finally balance sweetness correctly, which I have not yet been able to buy in Manhattan, till now. They use good ingredients and allow the flavors to shine instead of hiding behind a cloak of sugar.

Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Truffle

My dad had one with lime and mango, which had a great flavor and tang, but it was a tad too sweet. Sophia had a Mexican Vanilla cupcake with strawberries and cream. It was also a tad too sweet for me but others enjoyed it.

Charlotte Rouge Parfait

Justin ordered an Ice Cream Sandwich, choosing the Crimson and Cream cupcake (Raspberry Red Velvet) with vanilla gelato. I couldn’t taste this one (I’m allergic to food-coloring) but everyone else decided it was the least favorable anyway.

Crimson & Cream Sandwich

Lon also had the Seville, with Chorizo, Manchego, and Scallions. It was a savory scone-like cake, served with Romesco sauce. He loved it.


At $3.50 per generously sized cupcake, I’m dying to try other flavors. I need to do my due dilligence before officially awarding Sweet Revenge “favorite” status right? (You know how infrequently I do that.) The iced coffees were pretty good, the service is upbeat, and it’s a nice atmosphere overall. I highly recommend putting Sweet Revenge on your must-do list for this weekend!

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