Recess Outside 2

Spice, Thai junk, used to occupy this corner on University place. I was glad to see them go, although they moved closer to me, yuck. Recess 60 University Place, New York, NY 10003 opened up and I didn’t know what to make of the decor. It looks so college rec room-ish that I was reluctant to go. (I understand that being a good look for them btw, since they are right by NYU, my old stomping ground.)

Recess inside 2

We stopped in one night and got some fro-yo. Hmm…it was pretty good, actually reminiscent of Flurt. A couple of days later, I stopped in for a coffee in the morning and spotted a familiar face. Hey, it’s Alex from Flurt. Just to be clear, I have no relationship with this guy, I just met him when I first tried Flurt, and he isn’t all that interested in chatting compared to other places that spot me with a camera.

In any case, long story short, I’ve had cappuccino there, hot coffee, iced coffee, frozen yogurt, and the “Just Peachy” smoothie. Nothing is mind blowing but very good stand-by for the very reasonable prices. The staff is always smiling and friendly, although slow at times, and they don’t seem to care about me bringing my dog in to pick up something to-go.  I’ve yet to try food (none of it looks interesting to me and sourced from other places) but I’ll be stopping in for beverages on my dog walks for sure.

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