I’ve heard a lot of hype about the brunch at Prune 54 East First Street, New York, NY 10003, but they don’t take reservations and we’re not into waiting on line. When I decided to meet Alice for lunch, Prune seemed like the perfect idea, only a short walk from her office.

Mediocre black olives and celery with a little dish of salt is the first taste you get and it sets the tone for the whole experience, different but not that great. The Spicy Eggplant is nice, but looking back at the menu now, I realize that fried salt cod was missing. The hard boiled egg and grilled flatbread are prepared nicely, but overall the dish was a tad salty. The imbalance is partially because there isn’t enough bread for the eggplant.

Cold spicy eggplant

The James Beard Onion Sandwich was just too much mayonnaise for a normal person. The bread is soft and crust-less, nicely presented with fresh herbs, but only Lon, and I guess James Beard (no disrespect to the dead) eats 1/2″ of mayonnaise. They did use lovely sweet onions though. The fried chicken livers were not special at all.

Onion Sandwich and Fried Chicken Livers

The Pasta Kerchief was a let down, the pasta sheets too soft, the ham too bland. The brown butter aroma and pine nuts were nice but couldn’t save the dish. In the end, it was just an awkward mix of stuff thrown in a bowl.

Pasta Kerchief, egg, ham, pine nuts

The Bacon and Marmalade Sandwich is such a nice concept (which I will likely be replicating). I always love salty and sweet, but the execution was the same as if you asked any mom to put together a bacon and marmalade sandwich. The shredded potato was cloaked in sesame oil and horrid. Neither of us ate more than the first taste.

Bacon and Onion Marmalade Sandwich

The menu for lunch is very different from the brunch menu so perhaps brunch is better, but lunch here is tragic considering the price. This was three appetizers and one entree for two people, which came out to $52 (with tax and tip). Three out of Four dishes were recommended by the waitress (all except onion sandwich) so they were given the opportunity to let their best dishes shine. Interesting? Yes. Delicious? No. There are many other places I’d rather go to for lunch, in much more convenient locations.

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