We decided to start apartment hunting again. This will be the third or fourth time we mustered up some energy, fingers crossed that we find something before we run out of steam again.  We’re searching in Long Island City and Ice (our Jack Russell) came along with us for the drive. When lunch time rolled around, we started looking for places with outdoor seating. While most of the restaurants looked empty, Masso 4725 Vernon Boulevard, Long Island City, NY 11101 had a couple of tables filled so we thought it was a good bet.

They welcomed us and Ice, letting us take a six-seater at the end so that Ice had room to roam around. They even brought her a bowl of water. Ice lapped it up happily and then proceeded to sun bathe.

I chose the Green Eggs and Ham, which our waitress recommended. The pesto, proscuitto, goat cheese, and eggs is a pretty good flavor combination but it was over-cooked and crumbly. The potatoes were too salty. The lightly dressed greens were average.

Green Eggs and Ham 2

Lon had Blueberry Pancakes, which looked pretty weird (doesn’t that look weird to you?) but tasted better than expected, a little bit like cake batter.

Blueberry Pancakes and fruit

We even ordered a little plate of raw carrots for Ice. They charged $2 for that which was reasonable, plus they were actually really good carrots, super sweet, probably the best dish.

Overall, the food was very mediocre, but the prices are reasonable and the service was extremely accommodating. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

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