We picked up a sample of Mashuga Nuts from the Fancy Food Show.  These candied pecans look a bit like moon rocks and have a clever product name: “meshuggah” in Yiddish means “crazy” (a term that my mom often applied to me growing up).

Mashuga Nuts

That’s about the limit of interest in this product.  Jessica and I both felt they were overly sugary.  The nuts are coated in a cinnamon-sugar meringue, which creates an airy, crisp sensation around the nuts, similar to the feeling of stale. The texture is rough and the cinnamon is not overly strong, but there’s something missing in this item.  There is a light after taste that is first reminiscent of vanilla, but then fades into just sugar.

Perhaps these would taste a good over some vanilla ice cream with a rich butter sauce to absorb some of the sugar.  But I don’t see myself giving them another shot to find out.

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