People often ask us what our favorites products are, what kind of knives to buy, what foods they should try. The most common question is probably, what’s a great gift for a food lover? We’ve been answering these e-mails separately one by one, but we thought it would be great to have a FoodMayhem Market right here so you could browse and see, and buy all the stuff that we love.

Just so you know, we will benefit from this, some small percentage per purchase, but you will be getting the same price anyone else gets on Amazon, no extra fees. Because it it set up through amazon, we can’t put anything in the store that is not available on Amazon. Unfortunately, about half of what I love is not available on-line. BUT, if it does well, we’ll be able to find other ways to do the store and be able to offer you more, like cool Chinese products or the stuff we find when we’re on vacation.

As always, send us any questions you may have. Click on that “Market” tab in between “images” and “contact”. Let me know what you think. We are always trying to find ways to make FoodMayhem better. (Pssst…..Videos are coming soon.) Thanks for all the support. We hope to spread good food to everyone everywhere!

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