I spotted a new stand in the Union Square Market on Friday (they only come to Union Sqaure on Fridays), a simple layout featuring Ricotta on one side and Pecorino Fresco and Caciotta on the other. Luisa was standing in the center, by a sign that read Dancing Ewe Farm, giving out samples. With just one taste, I was instantly sold.

Pecorino Fresco and Caciotta

The Pecorino Fresco is the most snackable cheese ever, smooth sweet milkiness, but nutty and salty. I don’t even want to use it in other recipes. I just one to nibble on little pieces all day long. I remember the Caciotta being great as well, stronger and richer. I will be back for that next time.

Pecorino sliced

You can’t sample the ricottas (cow and sheep) so I bought some Sheep’s Milk Ricotta. Unfortunately, they only sell one size (I would prefer smaller portion) for $15. It’s definitely fresh, soft and milky, extremely mild. It’s a good beginner ricotta.

Sheep's Milk Ricotta 2

Husband and wife team, Jody and Luisa, are dedicated to making their small product line well. They only use raw milk and all the cheeses are made by hand. I love that they sell their own cheese so you can ask them questions. If you’re not sold yet, Mario Batali seems to be using their cheese at many of his restaurants. At the very least, you have to try the Pecorino Fresco.

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