Avocado Squash

I first tried Avocado Squash from Yuno’s Farm (in the Union Sqaure Farmer’s Market) a few years ago, and it’s still the only place I’ve seen to sell avocado squash. I remember that they were doing a little demo and sauteed some avocado squash in olive oil with salt and pepper. I tried some and loved the simplicity. It’s what’d you’d expect of squash but has a richer flavor.

Sometimes I think I should do something more complicated with it, but it makes such a good simple side on it’s own. It’s already very pretty, with bright green skin and a mellow yellow inside.

Sliced Avocado Squash

I still saute with olive oil, but occasionally will add garlic and/or onions, but it tastes like you sauteed in butter, even if you didn’t. When I have them around, I’ll throw in some pine nuts, which is heavenly.

Avocado Squash with Garlic and Onions

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