goat mozzarella

I saw Woolwich Goat Mozzarella at Whole Foods and that sounded like something I’d like, but after removing the packaging, it already seemed less appetizing. It looks kind of plastic-like, sort of like a fake stick of butter? You know those plastic foods they have at home stores so that the kitchens or dining rooms look more real?

goat mozzarella 2

Well, it doesn’t taste at all like mozzarella, more like a goat cheddar. It’s very so-so and not something I’d buy again. I event tried a few pairings to see if that would help. Lon liked it with strawberry jam and I preferred the dry cured sausage, but the oven roasted tomato and apricot didn’t help at all. In the end, we still didn’t really want to eat anymore.

goat mozzarella on crackers

Has anyone tried a good Goat Mozzarella? I was wondering if this brand just wasn’t very good or if goats weren’t meant for mozzarella.

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