When Edgar came over for dinner one night, he brought over the Vinturi Aerator so that we could all try it out. It actually comes with a little felt pouch so you can bring it out with you. Isn’t that hilarious? For displaying at home, it has a little stand too. All this would be worthless if it didn’t work, but I was surprised by what a difference it makes.

Vinturi aerator

You just pour any red wine through, right into your glass. It makes a cool slurpy bubbly noise as it goes through, and your glass of wine breathes almost instantly.

aerating red wine

The aerating of the wine is supposed to improve the bouquet, enhance flavors, and give a smoother finish. The smoother finish is what I noticed the most so far. It takes away the bite that some wines have that make it rather harsh for light weights like me.

For around $30, it’s a great gift!

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