After our meal at Zampa, Angie and I decided to try the milkshakes at Stand 24 East 12th Street, New York, NY 10003. I had recently heard they had some funky flavors. After finding out that the milkshakes were pre-mixed, we opted for just one to share and then ended up ordering a bunch more stuff. I know we’re crazy, after eating an entire dinner already, but hey, I did yoga yesterday.

I hadn’t been to Stand in almost 2 years and it was interesting to see the change. I looked back at my prior experience and it seemed I was pretty happy with the burger. Well, last night the Stand burger tasted like propane. I still enjoyed the bun, but you can’t eat a chunk of meat that tastes like you’re licking the grill.

Stand burger

The Toasted Sesame Milkshake ended up being a disappointment too. It was basically vanilla with a few toasted sesame seeds thrown in. I love the big straws, but the drink wasn’t thick enough to be useful. It was just a sweet and milky liquid that didn’t seem to have any ice cream in it.

toasted sesame milk shake

The Shoestring Fries came out cold and stale. We told the waiter and he said that’s how they are. They don’t come hot. What?!? Why do they bother? At least he was willing to take it back and bring us regular fries.

shoe string fries

The regular fries were hot, thank goodness, and crispy. Unfortunately, you can taste how old the oil is. Please change your oil.


Luckily, they did have one saving dish, the B&B Pickles, wrongly described as tempura battered (I assure you guys, this is not tempura batter), but quite tasty nonetheless. The pickles are sweet and sour, pretty tender, coated in crispy batter. Not too greasy, but you do still know you are at a burger joint. The dipping sauce is too sweet but you don’t need it anyway.

B&b pickles

Even though I liked the fried pickles, I’d never go back there. It seemed like they just didn’t care about the quality. It’s rather expensive too (about $24).

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