Salvatore (of Hom) also mentioned Shore Road Bagel & Deli Shore Road Bagel & Deli, where the bagels are huge. We chose 4 flavors: poppy seed, cinnamon raisin, salt, and everything.

Massive Poppy Bagel

The oddest thing was that each bagel dough was so different. We broke into the poppy seed first and both frowned in disappointment. It was dry, a little denser, but similar to a kaiser roll. Not at all a proper bagel.

Tearing Into Bagel

Lon was ready to hop back in the car and zoom towards our next stop when I stuck my hand back in the bag and pinched the other bagels. They felt different so I pulled a piece of the everything bagel off and split it with Lon. Yup, this one was good, chewy, the way a bagel should be. We tried the salt bagel and cinnamon raisin later and they were roughly in between poppy and the everything, so overall, we weren’t impressed. While most day old bagels can be revived by toasting, these were extra dry. I’m sure Brooklyn has a better bagel to offer. (This is a hint to tell us about your favorite bagel places.)

Despite being so loaded with carbs already, we programmed the GPS to find Leske’s Danish Bakery Leske’s Danish Bakery, because Allison (of Robicelli’s) told us they were known for black and white cookies. Their Black & White is different than any I’ve had, the black and white parts are frosting, not the glossy fondant I’m used to seeing.

Black & White Cake Cookie

The frosting is pretty standard vanilla and chocolate, similar to what you’d find on a cupcake, but the cake-like cookie is fresh and delicious. It’s dense but bounces back and still feels light.

Inside Black & White Cake Cookie

We also tried their Jelly Doughnut, Allison’s favorite. The douhgnut is so big and fresh, but Lon and I don’t like grape jelly too much, so we’ll likely pick a different flavor next time. ( I had my eye on the boston cream doughnut!)

Inside Jelly Doughnut

There will be a next time, because the two treats were a steal for $2.65, and because real bakeries are going extinct in New York. Please help save them! This is a completely no frills place, reminiscent of the ones I went to growing up in Queens, none of which are still there. So please, stop eating mass produced desserts and help keep real bakeries alive!

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