At some point, there was a Roll-N-Roaster Roll-N-Roaster in the East Village, by Webster Hall. I never got around to trying it and it closed. Still, the original (in Brooklyn) is still going strong after 35 years and several expansions, yet prices have remained the same.

Roll-n-Roaster Menu 1

All readers know, I’m not a fan of fast food, but perhaps I would be if more fast food places operated like Roll-N-Roaster. There’s still no table service, and the place isn’t pretty, but the food is made fresh. Plus, how could I not love a place that offers cheese on anything?

You Can Have Cheez on Anything You Pleez.

The roast beef is juicy, the roasted onions are free, and while cheez whiz is not my first choice of cheese, it works incredibly well on this Roast Beef Sandwich meets Philly Cheese Steak, that melts in your mouth.

Roasted Onions, Cheese Whiz, Roast Beef

We were a bit upset that we got a medium-rare when we ordered rare, but I’m sure they would have changed it if we asked.

Medium Rare...

Their sweet potato fries are crispier than average.

Sweet Potato Fries

The corn fritters are ridiculously hot (yes, that kind of stuff impresses me). It takes little effort to break the thin crunchy shell that releases the sweet, creamy, and chunky filling. Ooh, these are satisfying, and not at all oily.

Inside Corn Nugget

I can’t say I would drive all the way to Sheepshead Bay for Roll-N-Roaster, but I now wish they didn’t close that location in the city.

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