After the unsatisfying dinner at Mulan, I thought we could just fill up on a bigger dessert. Dowstairs at Queens Crossing, there’s a Korean bakery called Paris Baguette 136-20 38th Avenue, New York, NY 11354. The display case of pretty cakes was already empty, but there were many breads and doughnuts left.

The Angel Bread is interesting, a mildly sweet bread filled with whipped butter and blueberry jam (not very sweet). Lon really liked it. I thought it was alright.

Angel Bread

The Cheese Bread is basically a light airy bread with some mild cheese baked on. It’s a good basic. The Whipped Peanut Butter in bread is also light.

Cheese Viennoise Peanut Cream Bread

The Red Bean Doughnut was the only thing worth buying again. It’s like a red bean zeppole. The Tapioca Sticks were so hard to chew.

Red Bean Doughnut Tapioca Stick

Other than serving a nice tasting organic coffee, I wasn’t that impressed and prices here are at least double most of the bakeries in Flushing.

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