I can’t express how happy I am about my herb garden. We previously thought that we couldn’t grow anything because we only get one to two hours of sun in our backyard. (We’re in Manhattan and it’s in between giant buildings that block the sun.) We tried a few times before and failed. Our little pots of herbs always died. Then, recently, Lon bough a small pot of catnip and a small pot of Mexican oregano to make Herb Papardelle, thinking it was cheap enough to buy the potted ones for one to two uses. I left the herbs in the backyard and they lived! So I spoke to some of the farmers at the Union Square Farmer’s Market and tried to figure out why they lived this time. It turns out, it’s probably because I left them there unattended (I thought they were going to die anyway), which resulted in me not bothering to water them. That’s what kept them alive! The farmer explained to me that most people kill their herbs by over-watering them and with so little sun in our backyard, I have to be even more careful. She also advised moving my plants in before major thunderstorms. With those words of advice, I bought a few more herbs and now have a happy little herb garden. I will be adding more for sure, but here are my little babies so far:

Sage and Thai Basil

Sage Thai Basil

Greek Oregano

Mexican Oregano

Catnip and Mint

Catnip Mint

Italian Basil

Italian Basil

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