While we were in New Jersey this weekend, my cousins took us to Lee Turkey Farm Lee Turkey Farm. It started as a turkey farm in 1868 but it’s a flourishing fruit and vegetable farm as well these days. You can swing by and pick up wonderfully fresh produce already picked for you, or you can go through the fields and patches and pick for yourself. I highly encourage picking yourself. It’s a fun family activity and there’s something magical about feeling the plants and knowing where your food comes from.

Picking strawberries is back breaking labor, but it’s worth every sweet bite. They are smaller than your average supermarket strawberry, but intensely sweet and super juicy. It’s interesting how different they are from commercially grown strawberries, which are picked before completely ripe so that they can be shipped. Those are much stronger and stiffer. These could be eaten without teeth. Completely ripe, they will just squish between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. The only down side is, you’ll have to eat what you pick very quickly. So, of course, I stuffed myself silly with strawberries.

strawberries 2

We also picked a variety of lettuces, spinach, snow peas, and sugar snap peas. You know how commercials often call produce “sun-kissed”? Just picked fresh produce does actually taste sun-kissed.

snow peas

For the sugar snap peas, I picked young and old. The younger ones will be used as sugar snap peas, eating pod and all. These have a crispness to them that live up to their name, as opposed to some of the rubbery ones in the supermarket.

sugar snap peas

I decided to take the mature pods and use them like shell peas, opening them up for the sweet little nibbles since the shells were a bit harder. Fresh peas are as addicting as potato chips, I swear! I eat these like popcorn in front of the TV.

mature sugar snap pea

Check out their website for what’s in season now.

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