Korean Melon Fruit Bowl

You’ll have to find an Asian fruit stand or market for these beautiful golden Korean Melons. They have a crisp, honey sweet flesh, in a beautiful white color. I’m particularly fond of this fruit when it’s served very cold. It’s super refreshing, much more water content than cantaloupe or honeydew so it has a lighter feel, but denser than watermelon.

Korean Melons

You can peel, scoop out the seeds, and cut them up, serving like you would any melon, or throw it into a fruit salad for an exotic touch. Another serving idea is to use it as the serving bowl. There are two ways. The first is to halve them, scoop out the seeds, and then cut around the rim and slice within the bowl. Slice roughly 3/4″ slices across and then once down the middle.

Korean melon halves Korean Melon half- cut

Now you can fill the bowl with whatever you like. Go for different colors. The advantage to this method is that your guests will not need a knife. Everything should be bite size so you can eat with a fork (except for the lychee in this case). Also, the skin here gives one more color. The disadvantage is that there will be a little bit of waste since you won’t be able to cut quite as close to the skin as if you peel it.

Korean Melon Fruit Bowl 3

The other way is to peel the melon first, then cut them in half, seed them and use as a bowl. With this method, diners will need knives to cut the melon, but you get to eat more of the melon. Either way makes a beautiful presentation that makes you feel like your on vacation on a tropical island.

Korean Melon Fruit Bowl - peeled

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