Sophia brought over some incredible cream puffs one day. They were airy on the outside and filled with cream to the max. She told me they were from Happy Lemon 40-23 Main Street, New York, NY 11354, the first kiosk on your left when you enter Sweet Season Shopping Mall (really small mall).

Sweet Sour Shopping Mall

I had been waiting so long to have these again that I bought a box of six, not at all knowing who was going to eat all of this with me. I hopped into the car (my mom was driving) and started to dig in. I was so sad, the pate a choux was soggy on top, as you can easily see from this picture.

cream puff

The inside is still stuffed with some of the best cream ever. My best guess is that there is a hint of cream cheese in there, which would explain why I love it so much.

cream puff inside 3

I am now so tormented over this. It was so incredible the first time, but the soggy shell really killed it the second time. They are $1.25 each but 6 for $6. Considering how cheap they are, I’m definitely going to try it again and hope that was a fluke, but next time I’m going to buy one first and taste it before I buy a box.

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