Yes, I went to Guang Zhou again. I’m only posting dishes we have not previously had though. I think it’s valuable, especially if you want to go to dim sum and you don’t speak Chinese. I’m hoping my pics and descriptions will enable you to point and pick the things you want to eat.

These Sweet Crumbly Topped Buns are a staple at Chinese bakeries and dim sum places sometimes take bakery buns and make smaller versions for dim sum. These can come plain or filled. This one has a sweet filling, actually sort of similar to the topping, just a bit more wet. They were acceptable but not worth filling up on. Save room for the good stuff.

Sweet Top Bun with sweet filling

My mom told us about a spring roll wrapped in rice noodles so we eagerly waited for it. We had to request it three times before we got it, but when we did, I was very happy. The spring rolls were still reasonably crispy, even though they were wrapped in soft rice noodles.

Sping Roll in Rice Noodles

Kasi was with us so it was a good opportunity to try some more vegetarian items.  I have never had a Pumpkin and Corn Chowder (possibly made with coconut milk) at a Chinese restaurant before, but it was surprisingly good. It’s sweet and creamy, warm and comforting, almost a dessert, and filled to the brim.

Pumpkin and Corn Chowder

The best thing about dim sum on the weekdays is that there’s no wait!

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