I think I may have worked with fondant once about 6 years ago. I’m not sure actually, but I’m certain I don’t remember anything, so when I started thinking about my niece, Sabrina’s birthday cake, I had to do a lot of research. I found two sites very helpful: Diary of a Cake Stylist and What’s Cooking America (Q & A section on fondant).

I’m not familiar enough with Dora to go free-hand so I searched on-line for inspiration and chose this image from hissip.com:


What do you think?

Dora the Explorer Cake 2

I decided to line the sides with 1″ squares of pink, brown, and blue, the predominant colors on the cake.

side view Dora cake

Printable Dora & Boots Cake Template

Printable Dora & Boots Cake Template

To make it more accurate, I had Lon blow up the image to a 9″ circle (the size of the cake).

He took it one step further and broke out the shapes seperately so that we could cut the paper shapes to create stencils. If you’d like to make this cake, you can download the Photoshop file he made, which has all the separate pieces in line art in layers.  The layers are color-coded: just select all layers of a like color and print those at once, to most efficiently use paper.  The file is 28.5mb — just Right-Click the icon to the right and save to your computer.

Happy Birthday Sabrina!

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