When I planned out my visit to La Colombe Torrefaction, a croissant was also on the agenda. A few reviews mentioned that they sourced wonderful croissants from Ceci Cela 55 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012, but when Lily and I got there Friday afternoon at 2pm, they were out already. I had the cappuccino, and then we decided that we might as well go to Ceci Cela and get the croissant right there. It was a nice day to take a walk.

At Ceci Cela, we were pleasantly surprised to see a small seating area in the back. Nothing fancy, but there was a bathroom, and Lily and I just wanted a place to sit and catch up. The Chocolate Croissant was fresh and light in feel, but you knew the butter was there. It was quite enjoyable.

Chocolate Croissant 2

The Vanilla Eclair was pretty terrible though. The vanilla glaze was so sweet, it made the cream seem bland. Further, the cream seemed a tad lumpy. You can see it in the picture if you look carefully.

Vanilla Eclair

The Iced Cafe Au Lait was average and my overall experience wasn’t all that memorable. The prices (see menu) are cheap though, so I’d give them another chance, since we tried such a small percentage of what they offer and I was happy with the croissant. I won’t be running back, but when I’m in the area, I’ll try to remember that it’s there.

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