We spotted these Burekas in the window when we walked past Gazala Place 709 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10019, a Druze restaurant. After just eating at Taboon, I was about to get educated on more Israeli food. Loosely defined, Burekas are pastries with a filling (often cheese and/or spinach and/or herbs), and topped with sesame seeds. In concept, they kind of remind me of the Spinach Pie Roll we had in Corfu (which we then tried to replicate).

Spinach and Goat Cheese Burekas

Here, they had three or four different fillings. We chose the spinach and feta, and brought it home, since we just ate. We heated it up in the oven, just as recommended, and it just wasn’t impressive. The spinach inside was sour. It seemed intentional, but we weren’t fond of it. The pastry itself was just mediocre, and here’s the major kicker; it was $8.13, a total rip off.

Burekas inside

Lon has had Burekas before so he assured me that I would like them when we found a good one so if anyone knows where to get good Burekas in NYC, let us know!

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