Allison, from Robicelli’s, recommended brunch at Hom Hom, another neighborhood place where you’ll see the owner, Salvatore, getting to know his customers. For those who love secret little places, this is the place for you. The front is a cute home goods store, candles, massage oils, teas, and gifts. You would never guess that there is a little garden restaurant in the back.

Eclectic Decor

We were seated underneath a peach tree where we took in the eclectic decor and browsed the menu. Because we had a big day of eating planned, we opted to share one dish, but they very generously gave us doubles of all the extras. The berry scones were standard but certainly fresh. Lon loved the chocolate muffins, and the amaretto jam (sold in the store) was nice.

Included Treasts

We chose the Green Eggs & Ham and they split the omelet for us, and again, gave us doubles of the toast and very fresh fruit. We were both very happy with the omelet, which was well seasoned and the ingredients were so evenly distributed. Each bite flavored with ham, spinach, peppers, and cheese. The egg was cooked a bit past my preference but it didn’t seem to detract from my enjoyment this time.

Green Eggs & Ham Brunch

Neither of the Iced Teas, one pomegranate and one ginger peach, tasted like tea at all so we would skip these, especially at $4 each. Oddly, it seems to be a tea cafe, but go for the brunch ($12.95 per person)  to enjoy the escape, with simple and fresh food.

Ginger Peach Iced Tea & Pomegranate Iced Tea

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