Bionaturae Fusilli 2Part of me can’t get over how expensive Bionaturae Pasta is. Sure it’s certified organic and 100% durum semolina, but I’ve seen it for up to $5 for a 16oz bag. Twice ever (in a span of maybe 18 months), I got it on sale for 2 for $5. I hate to admit how cheap I am but that’s the only two times I bought it. But, now I’m thinking, I can’t wait another 18 months to eat this pasta again. It’s really that good (Lon agrees.) With a lot more bounce than even the good brands of dry pasta and actual semolina flavor, we couldn’t stop talking about it while we were eating it. On their website, they talk about how they make the surface of the pasta rough so that sauce sticks. Duh, that makes so much sense. You know you’ve had that kind of pasta where the sauce just slides right off. Retarded right?

Try it on your significant other and see if they notice a difference. If they do, that might help you justify the price.

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