CHarles Baur Gewurtraminer We went to Blue HIll at Stone Barns Sunday night (full post coming soon) and we shared a bottle of 2005 Charles Baur Gewurztraminer. I fell in love with it! It’s a sweet wine, almost sweet enough to have as a dessert wine, but still perfect during a meal. It’s still refreshing and just bursting with flavor. All through our meal, I kept saying how much I loved it, particularly because I tasted lychee in it.  I asked if others tasted the lychee and got…no. Lon said maybe I was imagining it because I’ve been eating lots of lychee (3 lbs for $10 at Great Wall Supermarket on Northern Boulevard). Ok, so I thought my stuffy nose was impairing my judgment, but Lon looked up the wine yesterday and there it is in it’s description, “aromas of rose, lychee, and candied fruit”.

If you love lychees like me, try it. I’m going to look for it today and start tasting more Gewurztraminers from Alsace.

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