I live right by the Union Square Farmer’s Market so I stop by at least once a week. Over the years, it has gotten pretty expensive, and even though most of the produce ( I don’t like most of the bread vendors) is worth it, I still don’t always buy it there because, I just can’t afford to all the time. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and we’re having both our mom’s over. We decided the theme would be to highlight all the wonderfully fresh veggies in the farmer’s market, because both our moms love fresh veggies.It was fun to kind of go, no holds barred, and buy anything we wanted.

Ramps are all the craze right now because they have a very short season. Lots of vendors are selling for $3 a bunch, but we found one selling for $2.50.

ramps 2

Knoll Krest Farm has small eggs on sale, 2 dozen for $5. Small eggs are inconvenient to bake with (because large is standard in baking) but if you’re making omelets or eggs for breakfast, small eggs are better.

Knoll Krest Farms

Organic Tomatoes are about $4.50 per pound these days.


The same vendor was selling hydroponically grown basil for $3.75, which is pretty expensive but each leaf looked perfect and I couldn’t resist. My total here was $14.

hydroponic basil

Two bunches of rhubarb and some great looking asparagus cost $9.

rhubarb 2 Asparagus

Ronybrook Farms Ice Cream $8 ($4 per pint).

Ronnybrook Ice Cream

Micro greens, micro arugula, and radish sprouts $12.


Wild flower honey $4.

wild flower honey

A bag of mixed potatoes $5.

mixed potatoes

Grand Total $59.50 (and we don’t even have any meat yet). Happy Moms…priceless.

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