This is kind of a random bunch of products, but we’ve received some edible gifts lately, so we need to report on them. Steve just got back from some traveling so he brought us these Goldkenn Swiss Chocolate Biscuits from Geneva.

Swiss Chocolate Biscuits Box Swiss Chocolate Biscuits

They’re quite good, chocolaty but not too sweet, with some coconut for added flavor and texture. The flavors are rich, but the overall feel is light and airy. It helps that they’re pretty too, something you could set out with tea for guests.

Swiss Chocolate Biscuit

Steve also stopped over in Vancouver, so he brought us some salmon jerky. We were pretty excited since we had great salmon jerky when we were in Vancouver years ago. Unfortunately, this one (West Coast Select) was less than desirable. I think it’s because it was minced salmon pressed together rather than whole pieces. It was more soft than chewy.

Salmon Jerky piece of salmon jerky

Then, this morning, Lon’s boss left this on his desk, a box from Koryodang (Korean Bakery).

Koryondang Box

Inside, two sponge cake rolls, with a note saying to share with his wife. That’s a lot of cake; one roll each? Everyone thinks we’re pigs for sure.

sponge roll cakes 2

The plain had that incredible fluffy texture. It’s amazing how much this cake will bounce back. It didn’t have all that much flavor, but this is the kind of cake my parents like. I think it’s an Asian thing, less sweet and no frosting. The Mocha Roll had a nice light coffee flavor, but the texture was not quite as smooth. I may be bias, but I think the Chinese bakeries do it better, yet the Korean ones are always more expensive. I will give them that the bakeries are usually better looking inside so perhaps they are charging more for ambiance.

Thanks for the edible gifts, the best kind of gift!

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