There was no Sushi Yasuda #29 (see #28) because it was actually the first time we didn’t try anything new. Crazy right?  But this time, Lon immediately noticed blowfish on the appetizer menu as soon as he sat down.  The domestic Blowfish (Fugu), that they are serving right now, is bred poison-free. It’s flash-fried perfectly and not the least bit oily. The flavor is similar to other white fleshed fish but the texture is much more bouncy. I’ve never had Fugu before but Chef Tomura tells us that poisonous Fugu in Japan is larger and the flesh is even firmer.

Flash Fried Fugu

Lon also had a piece of tuna from Turkey. He said the texture was softer than most other tuna. (Sorry about the pics, taken on a camera phone.)

Turkish Tuna

By the way, Copper River Salmon is available right now too so call for reservations asap.

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