Num Pang Sandwich

Num PangNum Pang, a small cash only Cambodian Style Sandwich shop opened by us. Lon spotted it last week and has been itching to try it so he picked up two for dinner last night. They are all served with cucumber, pickled carrots, cilantro, and chili mayo, but offer a choice between 5 different proteins, 1 vegetarian, and a daily special. We thought a good way to start would be to try their two most popular. The Catfish is a winner, perfectly cooked tender fish, thick enough so that you can really taste it. The whole is complex with tangy, spicy, and a little bit of sweetness, layers of different textures, toasted bread, crunchy fresh veggies, and the meaty slab of fish.

Peppercorn Catfish

The Pulled Duroc Pork was less exciting, mediocre in flavor and a bit mushy yet dry.

Pulled Duroc Pork

They also sell grilled corn with chili mayo, coconut flakes, and chili powder. It’s definitely an interesting flavor profile, though a bit too drenched. I would have it again if they promised to buy better corn. It was a tad dry and flavorless on it’s own.

Grilled Corn

Overall, it’s a bit over-priced ($7.50 for pulled pork and $7.25 for catfish) but I enjoyed it enough to probably end up there once or twice more, since they’re in my neighborhood. The best part is the bread though which is made by Parisi Bakery, so I’ll definitely be headed over there soon.

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