McCafe Iced Latte

McDonald’s has been marketing their McCafe line pretty heavily.  Despite being a huge fan of coffee, especially the Iced drinks, I’ve resisted trying the McCafes. Aside from French Fries, I just don’t have much faith in McDonald’s.

Last night, we were walking our dog when the big McCafe sign caught my eye. It’s hard to miss a picture of Iced Coffee that’s bigger than me. I was about to brush the thought aside once again when I convinced myself that it would only be fair to give them a shot.

I went in and ordered a small Iced Latte with Hazelnut syrup. It was incredibly sweet and had the nastiest after-taste. It tasted like fake sugar, but there wasn’t supposed to be any in it. (They do have a sugar-free vanilla syrup.) I was really kind of shocked by how bad it was. I was just expecting it to be mediocre.

The worst part is that a small costs $3.67 and do you see how much we managed to drink? Yea, Lon tried to drink it too, but alas, that’s how far we got.

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