At the Crawfish Boil Party, Tammy gave a little demo on eating crawfish.

Step 1: Pinch the head with one hand and the tail with the other. Twist and wiggle, carefully removing the tail from the head.

Crawfish Eating Demo 1

Step 2: Set aside the head. Working on the tail, pinch all over to crack the shell. Remove the shell.

Crawfish Eating Demo 3 Crawfish Eating Demo 4

Step 3: Holding the tail meat, pull back the flap of skin on top to de-vein.

Crawfish Eating Demo 5

Step 4: Eat beautiful tail meat.

Crawfish Eating Demo 6

Step 5: Now the head. You can see in the picture that the shell on the head forms a casing around the top. You want to pull that off the bottom half by lifting.

Crawfish Eating Demo 7 Crawfish Eating Demo 8

Step 6: In the shell of the head, you’ll find luxurious crawfish butter. You can also suck on the other half of the head. It’s quite juicy.

Crawfish Eating Demo 9

Step 7: Don’t forget the claws. For little ones, just suck on them like lobster legs. Some of these crawfish were huge though and you could crack open the claws and get nice claw meat out.

Crawfish Eating Demo 10

Thanks again Tammy!

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