Usually, when I’m making plans to eat out, I always want to try a new restaurant. My wish list is forever growing faster than my ability to conquer it. But when I’m in Queens, usually visiting family, I just can’t get enough dim sum. I could eat dim sum every day!

Guang Zhou Restaurant Guang Zhou Restaurant is my mom’s favorite at the moment. Yes, this changes every few months because the quality does vary at these restaurants over time. You have to keep pace.

We had many repeats. You really can’t have dim sum without these items. The Crystal Shrimp dumplings are huge here, totally stuffed with shrimp. The Fish balls are nice and light. The Shrimp and Chive Dumplings were cold this time but the Shrimp in rice noodles were better, meeting at least the regular standard this time.

Har Gao Steamed Fish Balls with Pork
Shrimp & Chive Seared Dumpling Shrimp in Rice Pancake

The Shu Mai here are extra tender. Lon loved them. The Taro and Ham Wraps are new to me and very interesting. I love the concept: thick batonnet of perfectly cooked taro, thick batonnet of ham, wrapped in tofu skins. The flavors worked well together but the ham was a bit chewy.

Pork Shumai Pork & Mushroom in Bean Curd

Clams are always a steal at dim sum, plump and juicy in a tasty black bean sauce.


The Steamed Daikon cake that I’ve been dreaming about since my last visit left us a bit disappointed. It was a bit gummy this time. The Pork and Black Fungus in Tofu Skins was hot and juicy.

Steamed Daikon Cake Mushroom-filled Bean Curd Rolls

I love duck feet. You can have this dish mixed with Braised Trip and Daikon. I forgot to take a picture, just remembering when it was almost finished.

Duck Feet

Lon had a sore throat and wanted some soup. The Lucky Wonton Soup is a chicken soup, filled with pieces of seafood. The single wonton is very big, taking up most of the entire serving cup. It’s traditionally served with red vinegar and ginger, but using it is optional.

Lucky Wonton Soup with Red Vinegar Lucky Wonton Soup

The Roast Pork Buns were very fresh and piping hot. I like to see steam coming out of my buns!

Roast Pork Buns

Lon loved the Tapioca Pudding, despite not usually being a fan. It was very eggy.

Tapioca Pudding

The Sesame Balls were average.

Red Bean Paste Sesame Balls

Overall, most items are super fresh because they have incredible turn-over here. My mom always advises getting in by 11:30am on weekends and it’s good advice because on our way out, we saw a line piling down the stair way (restaurant on 2nd floor). For $66.45 (no tax if you pay cash), the four of us were stuffed.

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