We’ve talked a lot about ramps, with their short-season, and Fiddlehead Ferns are yet another elusive spring item available in the Farmer’s Market right now. Lon and I had never tried them before, so I had to do a little research beforehand. Apparently, they are poisonous raw so make sure you cook them. Good thing I didn’t just pop one in my mouth. I sometimes do that when I find something new.

Fiddlehead Ferns

As a first-timer, I wanted the simplest approach so I could really taste what the Fiddlehead ferns tasted like. I blanched them first (recommended on many websites about these curly veggies) and then sauteed with garlic and olive oil (salt & pepper). Ehh, they’re not disgusting, but not that great either. They taste like grass. The stem (outside of circle) maintains a nice al dente texture, but the inside is almost fuzzy. Neither of us would buy it again. Oh well…

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