Dad's Birthday Cake 3

It’s my dad’s birthday and of course he gets a birthday cake. I love the pairing of chocolate and green tea. The flavors and colors seem mature, perfect for adults, although I bet kids would love it too. I used the 1942 Devil’s Food Cake Layers recipe from Nick Malgieri’s Perfect Cakes, but you can use any recipe that will give you two 9″ round layers. The Matcha Green Tea Frosting is the same one I used for the green tea cupcakes.

I put one layer down and frosted it, while cutting the other layer with circle cutters (4.5″ and 3.25″). Ideally, the middle layer would be 6″ or 7″ but I didn’t have that size. One advantage to making cake this way is that you get to eat the scraps while you’re working hard.

matcha green tea frosting cut cakes

After it’s all frosted, I used some chocolate sprinkles to decorate the bottom layer, and piped around bottom edges. My dad’s name is Robert, in case you’re wondering about the “R”.

Dad's Birthday Cake 2

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