We went out for an evening walk with Ice (our Jack Russell) and when we got back, there was a cupcake truck parked in front of our building. We took that as a sign that we should have some.

cupcake truck

Cupcake Stop has got the marketing concept down. It’s a cute truck. They have cupcakes for $2 and minis for $1. Different flavors are served daily, and you can follow their locations on their website or on twitter.

mini cupcakes

We love the concept but we weren’t thrilled with the three minis we got. The Oreo tasted no better than the supermarket kind. The Red Velvet had a basic cream cheese frosting with a non-distinct cake. (Remember, we discussed how Red Velvet is not just red colored plain cake?) The Triple Chocolate did taste chocolat-ey, but it was also incredibly sweet. Actually, all three were.

Oh well, perhaps a rival cupcake truck will appear soon.

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