Crumbled Sausage on Salad

As I dug through my fridge thinking about lunch, I thought, I’ve got sausage and salad stuff. Maybe I’ll make a sandwich with the sausage and then have a side salad. Wait, why can’t I have it all in one and save myself some time. That’s how this salad came about and I’m glad I tried it cause it’s really good.

Later that night, Lon saw the pics from my lunch:

Lon: You had sausage on your salad?
Jessica: Yup, I did.
Lon: I want that.

Now that you want this for lunch…

You can put good sausage on any kind of salad, but I really like these ingredients together: Baby Arugula, Campari Tomatoes, Persian Cucumbers, Parmesan, kosher salt, freshly ground pepper, aged balsamic, and extra virgin olive oil.

un-dressed salad

Just remove the casing on a hot Italian sausage and heat up pieces in a non-stick pan. (You don’t need any oil because the sausage has plenty.)

vrumbled sausage

Throw right on top of your salad!

Crumbled Sausage on Salad 2

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