What do you do when you’ve eaten your way through 20+ pounds of crawfish and there is still a few pounds remaining?  You’re clearly too full to eat them, but you’re not going to throw them away, right?  Add to the equation a few freshly made, soft rolls, and I think you know what I’d do.  Crawfish Cakes!

While Sarah, Tim, and Jeff looked on in bewilderment (and Jessica slept), I sat at the table and started picking tiny bits of meat out of the remaining crawfish.  Just as I commented in my post about Crawfish Gumbo, picking crawfish meat for a recipe amount can be a huge pain.  While the guests left (likely out of sheer boredom) before I completed the task, they didn’t miss much, I maybe got a few ounces out.

Crawfish Cake

However, if you add to a few ounces of picked crawfish meat, some crushed Saltines, beaten egg, mayo, Louisiana Cajun seasoning, parsley, oregano, white pepper, file powder, and hot sauce, then bread the whole thing in panko and pan fry it…

Well, you get something Dang delicious (friends will get that pun — thanks Tammy!).  I slathered the bun in a little mayo and hot sauce, and this was an absolutely delicious little snack after lots of hard work.

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