Last week, Lon, Carol, and I headed over to the 360 Cookware Press Event, introducing this new line of pots by Americraft. It was your typical press event: fancy looking food and free flowing alcohol. We loved all the modern plastic bowls and plates. Presentation A+, but taste wise, ehh. None of us went back for seconds of anything.

veggie and dip pulled pork

beef salmon salad

They hired two chefs to demo the cookware and the schtick is this new cookware they developed acts like non-stick (you don’t need to use oil or butter) because it uses the natural “vapors” from the food. The benefit being that this does not have the harmful chemicals of the tephlon, you don’t have to use cooking spray, and it was supposedly super easy to clean no matter what you did to it.  On our way out, we each received our own 1 quart pot to try out and of course, we were eager to find out if this pot really worked.

pots displayed

I generally only use non-stick for one thing, eggs. So I tried to cook some eggs, which made a really bizarre bubble as it cooked. It came out a bit over-cooked but I’m willing to say that was probably my fault since I’m not sure how to use this cookware. (The demo showed them putting the lid on and then spinning it to see when the “vapor seal” happens. ) But here’s the main problem, it left a layer of film (from the eggs) on my pot that I can’t get out. I tried boiling it in water, boiling with cream of tartar (a Carol trick), and just old fashioned scrubbing. It still looks like this:

film in pot 2

Now that my pot is ruined, I call Carol to find out how it’s going for her. She said she burned whatever she was makng (I can’t remember now) really badly. Ok, not looking good. While we’re on the phone, we agree that we’ll go watch the instructional video (even though we already watched the demo at the event) and hang up. I’ve been sick all weekend just wasting away on my couch and yet I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the stupid video. I try to convince Lon to watch it with me and he refuses. So I call Carol again last night and ask if she has watched the video. Nope. Our verdict is, if you can’t get any one of us (three people who live to cook) to watch this video, you’re not going to get anyone else to watch it.

So no go, I decided that’s the end of my patience for these pots. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t work. I believe they are also quite expensive, all over $100, and mine was ruined on the first shot.

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