We enjoy the products at Trader Joe’s (such as sweets, feta, yogurts, grain products, and other snacks) , but the lines are just horrible. The store is a disorganized mess that simply can not handle the volume of business they’re getting. I’m sure that’s a wonderful problem to have for the owners (who I recently learned was a huge German discount-grocery chain).

Jessica sent me over this morning to pick up some eggs and yogurt, I also picked up some whole wheat naan and soy milk. They open their doors at 9am, so I got there at 8:45am just to be safe, and maybe they would open a few minutes early (they didn’t). When I got there, there were already about three people waiting. Averaging one new person or couple every 30 seconds, by the time the doors opened, I counted over 35 shoppers (excluding me) waiting and I counted couples as one!

Now, I happened to be waiting exactly at the door, but regardless, several little old women tried like crazy to push past me to be the first ones in. Nut jobs. I let them go, then when they struggled to lift baskets out of the tall stack, I smirked as I grabbed one and walked past. Hehehe, take that hares, said this tortoise. Anyway, I was a pretty fast shopper, but there were already several people at checkout when I walked out at about 9:05am. Oy.

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