As soon as you walk in to Sparks Steak House Sparks Steak House, you’ll notice that they’re very old school. It’s a boys club here, where men out number women 4 to 1, every staff member is male, and there is a wall full of cigars. The feel is very, old mob movie-like and there is a huge crowd by the bar. Don’t get excited ladies, these are mostly fat old men. The place is loud too; you might as well be in Chinatown. I don’t know why people “business dine” here.

While we ate the average rolls, we looked over the menu (thank you for large print) where nothing sounded interesting. There was no T-bone, no aged steaks, no rib-eye, hanger, or porter house….only Filet Mignon and Sirloin Steak were named by cut. The rest was stuff like Sliced Steak (2 of those), Beef Scallopini, and Medallions of Beef. Where’s the Steak House menu? What’s going on?

Sliced Steak with Onions & Peppers

The food list was short but they have one of the longest wine and liquor lists I’ve seen. We chose a bottle of Rioja (Marques de Murietta Castillo Ygay2000 Gran Reserva) which everyone liked. It’s a sweet and light red, good for our light weight group.

Rioja Wine

The salads were giant, but all the pieces were way bigger than bite size and having your customers eat your salad with a fork and knife is not a good sign.

Lon ordered a crab and scallop appetizer, just simply broiled with butter, but it was really really good. This was the winner of the night. The seafood was fresh and cooked perfectly tender so that it melted in your mouth with the butter. MMM….

Lump Crab Meat & Bay Scallops

We were a party of seven: 3 people ended up with Sirloin. Here’s Lon’s, cooked correctly (he requested rare), well seasoned, but just not very good meat. It was quite tendonous, which was exacerbated by the dull steak knives.

Sirloin Steak Center

I really didn’t think anything looked interesting so I opted for the Extra Thick Veal Chop. It tasted like extra tendonous pork. The knives were really driving me nuts. I was having such a hard time cutting and my fingers started hurting because I was gripping so hard, so I just gave up and only ate about 1/3 of it.

Veal Chop Center

I ate some of Lon’s steak and one of my mom’s Lamb Chops, thick and juicy, meat quality just above average. They were cooked as asked and seasoned well.

Lamb Rib Chop

We shared the sides of asparagus (just blanched), spinach (also blanched), and Hash Brown Potatoes (more accurately home fries). The vegetables were very plain but cooked correctly. The potatoes were nicely crisped, although kind of ugly.

Spinach Hash Browns

Dessert was better than expected. Lon loved the pecan pie and we all enjoyed the coffee. A big pot is placed on the table so you can refill yourself.

Pecan Pie

Overall, the food kind of sucks, service is average (but slow on water refills), plates are from your grandmother’s attic (yea, even she doesn’t use them anymore), and it’s dang expensive!

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