There are two standard breakfasts that my family eats during Pesach (Passover): Matzoh Cereal (which is basically cream of wheat, made of matzoh meal) and Matzoh Brei. I absolutely love both! Maybe it’s because I only eat them a few days a year and distance makes the heart grow fonder. Or maybe it’s just because I’m Jewish?

Pretty much, all Jews just love matzoh brei. Here’s a great line from Neil Kramer’s blog about the brei:

I love matzoh brei. If, for example, a beautiful woman invited me up to her apartment this week, and we made passionate love all night in her bedroom, I would wake up early the next morning to make her some Passover matzoh brei for breakfast, and after taking one bite, she would no doubt be praising the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

That pretty much sums it up.

Scrambled Matzoh Brei

What is matzoh brei? At it’s simplest, it is beaten eggs combined with softened matzoh, fried together. But like anything the tribe does, there must be various schools of thought, otherwise there can not be arguments (a mainstay of the Jewish tradition).

I found a fun interview between Jews: Mark Bittman and famed architect, Frank Gehry where they discuss matzoh brei. It’s worth a watch. Especially because they highlight the fact that there are at least two divisions of thought on brei. The first division is how wet the matzoh should be. I.e., should it be absolute mush or should it just be softened enough to crumble? I am absolutely in the latter camp. A second division, is whether the brei should be savory (salt & pepper) or sweet (sugar or jam). I am okay for either, but 95% of the time prepare it savory.

What they don’t discuss is a third division, which is most important to me: whether it should be cooked as a pancake or scrambled. By a wide margin, most people prepare it as a pancake-like dish. However, I always cook it scrambled. I think it comes out much better and really lets you get the flavors and texture.

Eggs & Matzoh

Before we hit the recipe, I’ll mention fat. The absolutely traditional way to cook brei is in schmaltz (rendered chicken fat). My mother usually used butter, the more common approach these days. That way you can live long enough to have seconds. Because I don’t keep a Kosher for Passover (Kasher shel Pesach) home, I use cooking spray.

So, for a savory, scrambled matzoh brei, this is just about as easy as it gets!

Savory, Scrambled Matzoh Brei
~makes one serving. Scales easily: two eggs per two matzoh per person


  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 pieces Matzoh (not egg Matzoh)
  • Kosher Salt & Black Pepper


Two Eggs

1. Scramble eggs in a large bowl.

Wetting Matzoh Breaking the Matzoh

2. Under warm, running tap water, rub fingers over one pieces of matzoh until the top layer becomes loose, that means it’s ready to break. Apply slight pressure until matzoh folds on itself. Fold until smaller pieces. Remove from water and let excess water run off, add to egg. Repeat for each piece of matzoh.

Combing Egg & Matzoh

3. Fold egg and matzoh together while heating a non-stick frying pan with cooking spray. Add egg and matzoh to pan while stirring. Every few seconds fold matzoh around in pan, to keep it scrambled. To form a pancake, simply don’t move the matzoh, and press it to the shape of the pan.

Cooking Matzoh Brei 1

4. When mostly dry (but not completely), remove to plate and season generously with kosher salt and lots of freshly ground black pepper.

Cooking Matzoh Brei 2
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